O-Week Coords

Ashley Roland

One word: A E S T H E T I C. From her style, to her room decorations, to the way she organizes her folders on Google Drive, your O-Week Coordinator Ashley Roland can see the beauty in anything and anyone. She’s spent a cumulative 76 years looking at makeup content and can tell you all of the latest trends — you’ll never catch her with her eyebrows undone. When it comes to people, she’ll be the first to notice three of your best qualities and let you know about them. But don’t let that fool you – this St. Louis native is not open to criticism of her city’s toasted ravioli and paper-thin pizza. Whether you see her at the RMC or the Duncan 4CD study room, she’ll probably be wearing a St. Louis sweatshirt to rep her city – and also because she’s always cold. In the shade from the Houston summer? Cold. Stuffy classroom? Cold. Your standard room temperature common area? Don’t even get me started. And although this Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Kinesiology double major is headed to medical school, there’s no chance you’ll find her at a doctor’s office just yet, as her signature stubbornness makes her will herself out of illness. Overall, Ashley is very passionate and can absolutely not wait to meet the new Duncaroos!

Maher Nammour

Have you ever met an always smiling, econ obsessed, Lebanese flag bearing, TexMex loving, Apple Watch advertising, proud Houstonian country boy next door who will literally never let you down?? Well, if so, then you have had the privilege of meeting our habibi, Maher (if you don’t know what habibi means just ask -he’ll be happy to share). You can find Maher skirting around looking at sick cars, spilling coffee on his pants, playing games with the bois, eating burritos the size of small babies, and blasting country bops on his way to go to two stepping. He may or may not like to slap previous coords to assert his dominance in the O-Week hierarchy, but no matter what, he’s doing it with love. All kidding aside though, y’all really are so lucky to have Maher as your coord, mentor, and friend. I’m so lucky to have this kid as my day one, the OG HBB, and the best doofus of a friend you could ever want, and I can’t wait to share him with the incoming Duncan class of 2024!

Emma Donnelly

Congrats!! You have Emma Donnelly as one of your O-Week Coordinators! Get ready for an amazing O-Week, because this junior Tulsa native is the queen of planning things. Emma has a Pinterest board for literally everything, so you know she’s prepared. When Emma isn’t working on Pinterest boards, she’s typically running around campus trying to make it to her 500 weekly meetings (yes, she does literally everything). On a typical day at Duncan, you’ll see Emma working on one of her philosophy essays or SOPA readings in the commons with a sweetgreen salad and an unsweet tea in hand. Come drop by and talk with her for some of the best conversations you’ll experience at Rice. You can also find Emma relaxing after a Coffeehouse shift doodling, spending time with friends from all over Rice, discussing enneagram types (she’s a Type 4), and watching Love Island UK. She is a big part of Duncan culture and spirit and served as a Socials head last year. Emma goes hard for everything she’s passionate about, and that includes Duncan, her friends, and social issues at Rice. Emma is an amazing person and friend, and I am so excited for you to get to know her better! I promise if you do, it will be one of the best friendships of your life. Buckle up, because you’re about to have a SHOCKingly great O-Week with her!

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