What is an O-Week group and who are these “Advisor” people?

Your O-Week group consists of 8-10 Duncan New Students and 4 members of our Advising Team, upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who were selected by your Coordinators to guide you through O-Week and provide you with a base of support throughout the year. You will have 2-3 advisors from Duncan and 1-2 Co-Advisors from another residential college. These members may include team members with specialized roles, including Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs), Diversity Facilitators (DFs), or Resident Health Affiliates (RHAs).

Some of the things your Advisors will do for you are

  • Guiding you around campus
  • Helping you pick your classes
  • Introducing you to their friends
  • Supporting you in your events and endeavors on campus
  • Giving you great advice from their own Rice experiences
  • Facilitating conversations with other people and resources around campus
  • Keeping up with you throughout your first year and beyond

What can I expect to do during O-Week?

O-Week is a very busy week with lots of different events and activities. You can expect to make plans for your first academic year at Rice, hang out with your O-Week Group, meet many of the support offices and resources across campus, and get to know the members of Duncan’s newest class!

Who do I meet during O-Week?

You will meet the members of our Advising Team — current upperclassmen both from Duncan and other residential colleges. You will meet the Duncan A(dult)-Team, professors and community members affiliated with Duncan, and the staff of various offices around campus. All of these people are present during O-Week to answer your questions and help you adjust to life at Rice. You will also meet the other members of Duncan’s matriculating class.

What will my room and bathroom look like?

Most New Students live in a double with an attached bathroom. See the Duncan Dorm Tour tab for a walk-through of Duncan.

What’s it like living in Houston? What is there to do here?

Houston is a sprawling, wonderful city with plenty of good restaurants, cool attractions, interesting people, and high humidity days. Rice students often have access to discounted prices, special offers and interesting programs.

For additional FAQs, see the O-Week page on Rice’s Student Success Initiatives website. The link is also provided below.


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