Throughout ElectrO-Week, we aim to instill our New Students with a sense of pride in Rice and especially Duncan as their home. We hope to highlight that living in Duncan is a special experience where each New Student will have the opportunity to both electrify the college with their passions and grow from learning about one another’s experiences. Fellow Duncaroos will strive to encourage each New Student to see Duncan like a circuit of energy where sharing differing perspectives and identities ignites new ideas and brings energy to the entire college community. ElectrO-Week aims to amp up new students to engage in active and spirited participation at Rice by introducing them to resources, helping them find a support system of individuals at Duncan, and emphasizing an optimistic outlook on all that Rice has to offer. Ultimately, our goal is for ElectrO-Week to power positivity and encouragement in New Students’ lives and the entire Duncan community.

What our theme means to us:

The theme “ElectrO-Week” not only reflects the excitement that we hope you feel surrounding your upcoming time at Rice University, but also encompasses Duncan College’s core community values of finding unity in uniqueness and being empowered by agency.

The week honors the idea that everyone has their own unique outlook on life and perspective to bring to Duncan. With the knowledge that you’ve existed as an individual for ~18 years before coming to Rice, we want to champion the identity and character that those years helped build.  During the week, bonds you form with your O-Week group and Advisors will serve as the foundation in encouraging an open sharing and growth-oriented environment, which will later extend to the entirety of the college and beyond. We believe that what makes Duncan special is not only our diverse viewpoints, but more importantly our inclusive atmosphere which allows these differences to be excited by college-wide energy!

Our hope is that New Students also understand the values of the week that have been emphasized by our tagline, “Spark Your Future”. The tagline serves to remind us not only about all of the important academic resources that will lead New Students to success but also about the importance of building community. While the theme of this week may be centered around electricity, we hope to make a distinction between being high energy and having a sense of excitement about this coming adventure. To elaborate, we do not expect excitement in the traditional sense. Instead, this week should instill excitement in the fact that at Rice, we have a great opportunity to address the joys and grievances of the world together, with endless support systems and means to make tangible change!

Overall, the power you hold is great, and we cannot wait for the energy you will conduct in Duncan!

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